Members of Nawagattegama PS level allegations against the Chairman

Members of Nawagattegama PS level allegations against the Chairman

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20 May, 2014 | 10:00 pm

Members of the Nawagattegama Pradeshiya Sabha allege that the Chairman is involved in numerous irregularities and acts of corruption. Tensions flared at the Pradeshiya Sabha meeting convened on Tuesday.

The Chairman of the Nawagattegama Pradeshiya Sabha convened a special meeting on Tuesday in keeping with a request made by members of the Pradeshiya Sabha.

While all seven government members of the Pradeshiya Sabha attended the meeting, the solitary opposition member did not attend. The members charged that the Chairman had acted to provide a stock of iron at the Pradeshiya Sabha to a third person and had also obtained an advanced payment of Rs.2,000  for this purpose.

Although the members attempted to put forward a No Confidence Motion, the Chairman adjourned the meeting and departed.

The guard at the council revealed the following details: “The Chairman, Former Chairman and a man called Ranji came here and there was a lorry that accompanied them. Then the three of them dragged the pile of iron from back there to load it onto the lorry. Whether they took it or not, I did my duty and called my superior.”

Deputy Chairman of Nawagattegama PS, R.P.D. Rajaratna said: “Prior to this, the vehicle was involved in an incident. The guard even wrote down the licence plate number of the vehicle that they came in on the night before Vesak to steal the metal. That is now with the police and he is trying to cover it up”.

Member of Nawagattegama PS, S.M. Indika Sanjeewa said: ” He has clearly violated two sections of the Act. We will now take the next step. Until such a time we will not participate in any meetings. As members we will decide whether to participate in the general meeting. We will not co-operate and allow him to run the council.”

The members of the Nawagattegama Pradeshiya Sabha visited the police station on Tuesday and lodged another complaint claiming that the police had not taken action on a previous complaint lodged by them regarding this incident.

Chairman of Nawagattegama PS, Sisira Dharmapriya expressed following views:E

“A meeting was called today to discuss a special matter. It was not a normal meeting. We discussed this matter and all members expressed their views. I am innocent of all charges. I am innocent of all charges they have cited.”

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