Make the hopes of youth an integral part of the world; Dr. Palitha Kohona at WCY 2014

Make the hopes of youth an integral part of the world; Dr. Palitha Kohona at WCY 2014

Written by Bella Dalima

09 May, 2014 | 10:27 pm

The penultimate day of the World Conference on Youth 2014, worked off at the BMICH in Colombo on Friday.

Sri Lankan Permanent Representative to the UN in New York, Dr. Palitha Kohona addressed the main plenary session held Friday on  Mainstreaming Youth in the Post 2015 Agenda.

Dr. Kohona shared the following views:

“Ours is not only an effort to focus on youth alone, but make the hopes of youth an integral part of the world to which we all aspire. A world in which the youth exist now; It is not tomorrow’s world but today’s world that we are talking about.  Many policy makers tended to treat youth issues as tomorrow’s problem, that could be addressed later, in good time. But this cannot be the case anymore. This attitude cannot continue.”

Meanwhile, the official launch of the Sri Lankan Youth Volunteering to Make a Difference research report was unveiled today on the sidelines of the World Conference on Youth.

A number of eminent panelists including Ahmad Alhendavi the UN General  Secretary’s envoy on youth and Allen Jennings the Program Director of UNV were present at the occasion along with delegates from a number of countries.

Speaking at one of the sessions today, UPFA Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali, spoke on gender equality.

“Gender equality is I mean I paid my attention after all my experience. And I have to say that I still hate to accept it. I think its the worst type of racism that exists. Racism against religion, cast whatever everything that existed is not as bad as racism against gender. Because a person not being able to relate to a different cast, different religion that they are not born into can be understood. A human not being able to understand another human I really don’t understand why such a thing could really happen,” said UPFA Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali.


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