Fonseka on toy pistols, UNP parliamentarians and puppets

Fonseka on toy pistols, UNP parliamentarians and puppets

Written by Staff Writer

21 Apr, 2014 | 8:59 pm

Leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka expressed the following views on the recent attack on a group of United National Party parliamentarians in Hambantota.

The parliamentarians were engaged in an observation tour of the Hambantota International Airport and the Hambantota Port.

“ We were not suprised. This is because when we went to this uncleared area prior to the provincial council polls, we had to undergo bitter experiences. This began from the day nominations were handed over. ”

“We made this clear to the people and the media. State politicians in this area say that they had in their possession a toy pistol, and add that the pistol was not his but someone else’s. This is what the papers state.”

He added: “If one can say something like this and not have to endure the consequences, it is very evident that……………………………..the police in this country, are in fact puppets. We strongly condemn this act. We urge the public not to endorse such acts.”

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