Immune to poison, giant rats terrify Britain

Immune to poison, giant rats terrify Britain

Immune to poison, giant rats terrify Britain

Written by Staff Writer

16 Apr, 2014 | 5:48 pm

A giant rat has been found in a Kent town, amid warnings mutant super rodents could terrorise Britain this Easter weekend.

Experts have said hot weather, reduced waste collections and closed public buildings will create the perfect habitat for the creatures to thrive.

Photos have emerged this past month of rats the size of cats terrorising people across the UK.

The listeners of BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show were asked to send in their own photos of giant creatures, which were later posted by the station’s official Twitter account.


One shocking image reveals a massive dead rat reportedly found in Gravesend.

The enormous rodent hangs over the edge of a shovel, appearing to have been found near a river or muddy field.


Other photos showed a workman with a rat hanging off one of his tools, as well as another man holding a huge creature by its tail.

The new breed of mutant rats have become immune to most poisons and are spreading fast.

Some are up to two-feet in length and striking fear into the hearts of millions of Britons.


Experts are now warning that the four-day Easter holiday, which begin this Friday, could see an increase in their number as conditions create the perfect breeding ground to set up expanding colonies.



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