Opposition must field a common candidate for Presidential Election – Sarath Fonseka

Opposition must field a common candidate for Presidential Election – Sarath Fonseka

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31 Mar, 2014 | 10:22 pm

Leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka says that the opposition must field a common candidate  during the next Presidential Elections.

Sarath Fonseka said: “A majority of members in the party are new-comers. The party was formed almost a year ago and tomorrow we will celebrates its first anniversary. We battled against political parties and powerful politicians both with years of political experience. Despite the party is (being) new, the people have placed their trust on us. “

“The people have understood that we are a powerful political force.I was bound and imprisoned and my civic rights were stripped. We fought against this. Eventually I received my civic rights. I legally excerised my franchise during this election. We see this as a positive sign. During the past presidential election we were of the view that that opposition must field a common candidate. We strongly believe that the opposition must put forward a common candidate to contest the next presidential election.”

Sarath Fonseka also expressed the following views:

“I think that 99 percent of the media personnel here want to help us on a personal capacity. However, due to the present attitudes of media institutions and concerns regarding loyalty, individually – media personnel could not do any justice to us. However, for an example, it was only Sirasa that provided us with a proper media coverage during this election.”

He added: “During the recently concluded polls we saw the manner in which the elections commissioner functioned. He was like a a scarecrow. He did not use the powers vested with him. depite making numerous complaints, we did not receive any justice.”

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