Will definitely seek the co-operation of SL govt: Navi Pillay

Will definitely seek the co-operation of SL govt: Navi Pillay

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29 Mar, 2014 | 9:49 pm

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says that she will seek the co-operation of Sri Lankan authorities to conduct the investigation that she has been entrusted with through the resolution on Sri Lankan, adopted at the UN Human Rights Council.

Speaking to Qatar based News Network Al-Jazeera, Navi Pillay also said that there is political will in Sri Lanka to address the situation.

Navi Pillay also stated:  “When a government fails to protect its citizens, then it is the responsibility of the international community to do so, that is the international law. The Human Rights Council, it’s not here to apply political pressure. In this case, the Human Rights Council, the United Nations, the Secretary General waited almost five years for Sri Lanka to take internal action, hold an investigation, and render justice for victims. Well, I am now entrusted to be in charge of the investigation, and I will definitely seek the co-operation of the Sri Lankan government.”

Navi Pillay also commented on her visit to Sri Lanka prior to the United Nations Human Rights Council Session.

“They were very good during my visit to Sri Lanka. There is political will there to address the situation. They just want us, the world, to recognise how much they have done, and they have, in terms of reconstruction, disarmament and removing the internally displaced people. I am going to seek their co-operation for justice and accountability, on the part of both sides. Victims of the LTTE are also waiting for justice.

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