Samarasinghe’s crocodile tears can’t stop this journey to democracy – Kindelpitya

Samarasinghe’s crocodile tears can’t stop this journey to democracy – Kindelpitya

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26 Feb, 2014 | 11:01 pm

The Democratic Party convened a media briefing Wednesday. Views were expressed at this media briefing on the allegations levelled at the party and its leadership by its Former Media Co-ordinator Sanjeewa Samarasinghe at a media briefing convened on Tuesday.

Secretary – Democratic Party, Ananda Manawadu:

“If you look at it from an administrative perspective, he led a very fraudulent and indisciplined life. We came to realise this and removed him. Now the dogs are barking while the caravan proceeds.”

Deputy Leader – Democratic Party, MP Jayantha Ketagoda:

“Just because you show due consideration to a leader and respect him, how does that leader become a dictator? The election campaign is going ahead powerfully. If there is someone of ours that they can catch and get to say something to the media after paying them, they will. We know that politicians in the government are behind this. A distasteful statement has been made. We condemn and reject this.”

Democratic Party Candidate of the Colombo District, Susil Kindelpitiya:

“Who is the director of this drama and media show? Who are the actors? Who are the screenwriters? Who was behind this? How much money was spent on this? What vehicle did he come in? What vehicle did he go in? Who coordinated with him? As journalists if you look into the thugs that were there, then you will understand with what intention this was done. This journey to democracy will not be stopped because of Sanjeewa Samarasinghe’s crocodile tears. No matter how much the dogs bark, the caravan will journey to the end.

While the National Organiser of the Democratic Party, Captain Gayan Vithanage was present at this occasion, along with Indika Bandara who levelled allegations of financial fraud at him during the media briefing convened by Sanjeewa Samarasinghe on Tuesday.

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