There is terror in Hambantota, says D.V. Upul

There is terror in Hambantota, says D.V. Upul

Written by Bella Dalima

22 Feb, 2014 | 4:29 pm

Here are some views that were expressed by candidates for the upcoming Southern Provincial Council election, on the political debate programme Satana, that was telecast on our sister channel Sirasa TV. 

D.V. Upul, UPFA Candidate for Hambantota District

There is terror in Hambantota. But it is not in broad daylight or sunset or when the moon is out. It is between abut 1 to 3 a.m. when everyone is asleep. When asked who is responsible for this terror, all the candidates say it is not them. But if the person who is responsible for this is known, then the people who put up our cut-outs will settle it with them and say that they do not know and that they did not see who was responsible for this.”

Devaka Weerasinghe, Democratic Party Candidate for Hambantota District

In the recent past we attempted to get authorisation to hold a meeting in Weeraketiya. The Weeraketiya Pradeshiya Sabha granted approval and later cancelled it. Then we had a meeting in Hungama on the 27th. We sought approval from the Ambalanthota Pradeshiya Sabha for this. There they said that they could not grant us approval. When you consider it as a whole, it appears to us that they are working to ensure that no Democratic Party rallies are held in the Hambantota District.”


Sisira Kumara Wahalathanthri, JVP Candidate for Southern PC

This provincial council allocates 360 million rupees as capital expenditure for the 2.5 million people in the South. When you divide that among the people in the south eacg person get a rupee and 60 cents per day. I wish to ask the people of the South, if they approve of this system which has prevailed for 25 years. they increase our salaries fo 95500 ruppes a day and then allocate a ruppe and 60 cens for the people.”

Chandima Rasaputhra, UPFA Candidate for Southern PC

All 20 of us are contesting the elections to represent the people of the Matara District. We must expect that those who are elected from these 20 persons will do their utmost for Matara. I am not the only person who is saying that the next Chief Minister will be from Matara. The next chief minister must definitely be from Matara. There have been six provincial councils in the South and Galle has got the opportunity four times while Matara has got the opportunity twice. This is Matara’s opportunity.”


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