Harsha de Silva comments on projects undertaken – points out ‘discrepancies’

Harsha de Silva comments on projects undertaken – points out ‘discrepancies’

Written by Bella Dalima

22 Feb, 2014 | 10:27 pm

Speaking at a media briefing held in Colombo recently, UNP Parliamentarian, Dr. Harsha de Silva commented on several projects that have been undertaken in the country.

He shared these following views;

There is a project to steal abandoned lands in Colombo which involves a corrupt Chinese businessman. Why do I say that this institution is corrupt? The name of the company is the China Communication Construction Company or CCCC. China Harbour Engineering Company or CHEC is also a part of this.

It is an institution that has been banned by the World Bank. It is this company that constructed the first phase of the Hambantota Port. They said 350 million dollars and they they said there was a rock there and it wound up costing 500 million dollars. It is this same company that has undertaken the second phase of the Hambantota Port.

It is being done at a cost of 810 million dollars and there has been no call for tenders. They built the Mattala Airport at a cost of 210 million and there too there was no call for tenders. The highway is being extended from Matara to Hambantota. There has been no call for tenders and it is costing 400 million dollars.

The section from Galle to Matara which is 30 kilometers was also built by them at a cost of 180 million dollars. The estimate that was given by the Asia Development Bank including initial costs was 3.6 million dollars.

I will give you three or four examples as to why this is a corrupt institution. In 2009 they built roads in the Philippines and artificially jacked up the costs. In 2012, they were caught thieving off the project to construct the 23-kilometre long DCS technology bridge.

I extend a challenge to prove that the company known as CCCC and China Harbour has not been banned by the World Bank until 2017. If you can prove it I will resign from my seat in Parliament tomorrow.”

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