Bombing in Syria – shocking new video

Bombing in Syria – shocking new video

Written by Staff Writer

06 Feb, 2014 | 7:26 pm

Footage has emerged showing the Syrian regime using explosive “barrel bombs” on civilian neighbourhoods, killing hundreds, while its representatives attended peace talks at Geneva.

Filmed by activists in the southern Damascus suburb of Daraya, the ten minute video is a compilation of footage showing barrels, loaded with TNT, being dropped on the neighborhood during the week the Geneva II conference was convened.

The film is presented as a dystopian fairy tale. Against a dark backdrop the opening title reads ‘Once upon a time: a few days ago. In a land far far away: Syria.’

It begins with the camera, zoom fully extended, trained on a helicopter that is flying in the near distance.

The helicopter releases two small black objects, dots against the blue sky.

They dance in the air and as they get closer propeller like tails become visible. The barrels get larger, seeming to accelerate and plummet towards the ground.


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