CPC has the capability to reduce fuel prices – Trade Unions

CPC has the capability to reduce fuel prices – Trade Unions

Written by Bella Dalima

01 Feb, 2014 | 5:59 pm

Trade Unions say that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has the capability to reduce fuel prices.

Speaking at a media briefing convened on Friday, the Secretary of the CPC Branch of the Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya, Ananda Palitha, explained further.

He said; “At this moment when a litre of fuel reaches the port, the price is 88 rupees, but it is sold for 162 rupees. Kerosene which can be sold at 76 rupees, is priced at 101 rupees. They said the prices were increased to cover the losses of the Petroleum Corporation. The Minister said that there is a huge debt that the Ceylon Electricity Board must pay. They said there would be no problem if the CEB’s debt was paid. It has been six months since all debts were settled.”

He added; “Oil prices in the world market have reduced. Members of the Sri Lanka Nidahas Sewaka Sangamaya allege that corruption reigns supreme and bribery reigns supreme. They say that wastage has increased and that the Petroleum Corporation has wasted away because of corrupt officials. They say the people are being burdened. Stop this corruption, reduce the price of fuel and save the country from the formula of stealing from the people.”

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