Will the electricity tariffs be increased in this backdrop?

Will the electricity tariffs be increased in this backdrop?

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Jan, 2014 | 9:48 pm

The Ministry of Power and Energy says that the breakdowns reported from the Norochcholai Power Plant are in fact a troubling issue to the Ministry as well.

Secretary to the Ministry M.M.C. Ferdinando said that he has doubt on whether the constant malfunctions are caused by sub standard equipment or some other factor.

Secretary of Ministry of Power and Energy, M.M.C.Ferdinando expressed these views:

“We have an issue with the breakdowns that are being reported at the Norochcholai Power Plant. This power plant is one that can operate for over twenty five years. We have three different views with regards to the failures at the first phase of the Norochcholai Power Plant. We are looking into the standards of the equipment at this power plant. That is one view. If not there may have been lapses on the part of the officials and technicians who were engaged in the construction.

The other theory we have is that there may be an issue with the design of this power plant. We are aware of who needs to be held accountable for these three points. The government will take the necessary action. We will not let the company responsible for this issue to evade us. The Chinese Government has intervened regarding this issue. We will seek compensation from that company …”

Minister of Power and Energy, Pavithra Wanniarachchi said; “We have notified them that they are being held accountable for this. That is why the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of that organisation are scheduled to meet us at 9am tomorrow …”

Will the electricity tariffs be increased in this backdrop?














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