Hirunika says daughter of the lion of Kolonnawa has come forward (Video)

Hirunika says daughter of the lion of Kolonnawa has come forward (Video)

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26 Jan, 2014 | 9:07 pm

Hirunika Premachandra, the SLFP’s Co-Organiser for Central Colombo, says she will serve the people by continuing with her father’s policies.

She expressed these views at an event held to launch her political campaign on Sunday.

[quote]To take forward the character of Bharatha Lakshman, the lion of Kolonnawa, I will say now that the daughter of that lion, the lion daughter will come forward.[/quote]

“If my father was alive today he would have been 58. Today, on his birthday, I thought that I should hold a small vehicular procession and meet with people not only in Kolonnawa, but also in my electorate of Central Colombo.”

She further stated:

[quote]My policy is to continue with my father’s policies.[/quote]

“I will be a voice for the youth, not only in Central Colombo and Kolonnawa, but in the entire Colombo District. I will work to end injustice, I will work to bring forth major changes to the education of small children. I will work for all the people of the Colombo District, just as my father worked for them.”

The event to launch Hirunika Premachandra’s political campaign commenced with floral tributes being paid to a statue of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra in Kolonnawa. Subsequently, Hirunika Premachandra met with the people of Kolonnawa.

She also toured Central Colombo in a vehicular procession.

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