SL High Commission in Malaysia says programme to deport illegal residents

SL High Commission in Malaysia says programme to deport illegal residents

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20 Jan, 2014 | 3:38 pm

The Sri Lankan High Commission in Malaysia states that a special programme has been put in place to deport Sri Lankans residing illegally in Malaysia.

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Malaysia, I. Ansar said that discussions were carried out with immigration and emigration officers in Malaysia in this regard.

He said that about forty to fifty Sri Lankans visit the High Commission on a daily basis, requesting for assistance.

The High Commissioner further added:

“Thirty  to 40 individuals visit our High Commissioner’s Office on a daily basis. We have around 200-250 who are already registered with us and we have already spoken with the immigration officials in Malaysia (who) are taking measures to deport them back to Sri Lanka. They issue clearance to around 50 persons per week. They have to purchase their ticket which would amount to around 150 dollars. They are employed indifferent places. We are doing our best to provide clearance to many persons as we can and as soon as possible.”

Media Spokesperson and the Deputy General Manager of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, Mangala Randeniya said that about 4000-5000 Sri Lankans are residing in Malaysia illegally.

“According to the current records many individuals are reported to be residing in Malaysia illegally. We cannot give a definite number as to how many reside there but they have been employed while holding a tourist visa. However, according to data and statistics received by the immigration and emigration bureau in Malaysia there are around 4000- 5000 persons residing there illegally.”

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