I was the adopted daughter of the Rajapaksa family – Hirunika

I was the adopted daughter of the Rajapaksa family – Hirunika

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19 Jan, 2014 | 9:50 pm

A function to felicitate Hirunika Premachandra who was recently appointed as the SLFP, Co-Organiser of the Central Colombo Electorate was held in Kolonnawa on Sunday.

The event was organised by the residents of Kolonnawa.

Speaking at the event, SLFP Chief Organiser of Central Colombo, Senior Minister A. H. M. Fowzie stated,

“Hirunika is not a person who would stop at provincial councils. We need to remember that. In another two years she will enter Parliament. If I am alive I will do everything possible to make sure that she wins. I am positive that she will take the forefront at this provincial council election. My son is also contesting this election. I wish to state at this occasion that I will give her more prominence and will take measures to take all of them on one journey.

A group of UNP supporters in Kolonnawa joined the SLFP at this occasion.

Newly-appointed SLFP Co-Organizer of Central Colombo, Hirunika Premachandra also expressed her views at the event,

[quote]I recommenced my fight on a grand scale.[/quote]

“I carried out a major fight to get justice for the killing of my father. With my entering politics many are questioning whether I have abandoned my fight. I would like to state that I recommenced my fight on a grand scale. Many will find fault with me in the future about my decision . Many have already started. I will not answer any of them hereafter. My answer stops here.”

Speaking of her connection to the presidential family, Hirunika Premachandra said:

[quote]That family did not have a girl. So, I was more or less their adopted daughter.[/quote]

“Many tried to destroy the friendship that I have with the president. I grew up with that family. I grew up with Namal, Yoshitha and Rohitha. They love me that much including Madam Shiranthi and President Rajapaksa. Things will be much more difficult in the future. It is people from the same party that I need to be cautious of, rather than those in the opposition.”

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