Fans give verdict on Veeram and Jilla – First ever report!

Fans give verdict on Veeram and Jilla – First ever report!

Fans give verdict on Veeram and Jilla – First ever report!

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Jan, 2014 | 4:06 pm

The Pongal festival has begun with the release of Vijay’s Jilla and Ajith Kumar’s Veeram.

The two mass heroes’ films have hit the screen on Friday and here are the first reports on the two films by fans.


Ajith’s Veeram

#Mass commercial movie mixed with action, comedy and sentiments. Wholesome family entertainer!

# Overall it is Thala all the way. His stylish and solid performance and his dare-devil stunts are a highlight.

# Families should enjoy this, and for sure all Thala fans should too.

# Fun, romance, action, 2nd half: Sentimentand& action.

# Ajith’s wholesome package for the masses.

Veeram is a typical masala with Ajith’s screen presence and charisma.

# First half full mass and comedy. Perfectly packaged commercial entertainer.

Vijay’s Jilla

# Good entertainer with good songs, choreography and an awesome combo of Vijay & Mohanlal, while the second half is lengthy.

# Jilla’s biggest strength are Imman’s songs and BGM. Great cinematography and excellent choreography by Raju Sundaram & Sridhar.

# First half- mass entertainer! Second half- a bit lengthy, but entertaining!

# There are several scenes where fans will erupt in celebration. At the same time, some scenes are dragging.

#All the cast do their jobs well, but Vijay and Mohanlal steal the show. Both do their parts well, and show their mass.

# Three hours too long for a mass movie. Song picturisation is a worry.

# Mass overload. Vijay and Mohanlal pack a punch, but this sure is a disappointment. D.Imman the saviour!

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