Prime Minister opens out on Heroin scandal

Prime Minister opens out on Heroin scandal

Written by Staff Writer

02 Jan, 2014 | 8:01 am

Addressing an event at the National Heritage Center in Gampola, Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne expressed theses views on the container of drugs that was seized recently.

“Vitaachi came with a friend of his. We invited the both of them to have lunch with us. His friend was not a local. Vitaachi explained that he had met his friend when he went to Dubai. He said something about coming down to buy tea leaves, I cant remember clearly. When we inquired, he said that had gone to visit an estate as well. Vitaachi had told my son that his friend had brought down some goods and that it has been in the harbour for nearly two months. He had asked him to see if something could be done to reduce the charges and get the goods released.”

He further went on to say,

“My son had directed this to Keerthi. a letter was written, I don’t know if he knew the contents of the container or not. This is the truth. This is all the information that he had. This is the information that Vitaachi, my son and myself had. We don’t know anything beyond this. Later we found out that there was Heroin in those tins. There is a monk by the name of Sobitha, he says that we wrote letters to release Heroin and drugs, he says that the prime minister should resign, he says that the prime minister should be arrested. Do monks speak in this manner? Do they have police powers? Only a judge could make such statements.”

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