Kindelpitiya says there is a ‘lack of policy in the country’

Kindelpitiya says there is a ‘lack of policy in the country’

Written by Staff Writer

01 Jan, 2014 | 10:04 pm

The Chief Organiser of the Democratic Party in the Kolonnawa electorate, Susil Kindelpitiya, attended an event held in Biyagama on Wednesday, where he shared the following thoughts:

“The programme that the government is following with regard to the Grade 5 Scholarship shows the lack of policy in this country. You cannot just annul the scholarship. The government is attempting to deprive talented poor students from the village of the opportunity of attending popular schools in the city and becoming good citizens. On whose instruction was this done?.”

He further asked:

“Did they take the advise of specialists? Now a new proposal is being put forward to enroll students in schools based on the talents they dhow in individual classes. Then there will be an examination for the children. Whether it is the end of term examination or some other examination they are proposing a programme to enroll students who score the highest marks in these examinations. When children are chosen from the individual schools what will happen? There will be political corruption. These are all cunning programmes.”

This event was held to distribute school equipment among children from Biyagama.

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