Mangala and Wijeyadasa do not understand pulse of UNPer – Amila Ruwan

Mangala and Wijeyadasa do not understand pulse of UNPer – Amila Ruwan

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31 Dec, 2013 | 9:58 pm

UNP activists say that they will take steps to evict outsiders who have come into the party and are making decisions, prior to the Provincial Council Elections.

UNP Activists say that while there are seniors in the party, outsiders who came from other parties have now taken over the UNP. Speaking at the event Member of Biyagama PS Amila Ruwan, said, “Instead of giving positions to party seniors, talented individuals and activists of the party, the present leader has taken orphans who were chased out from other parties into this party, and has allowed for them to steer it.

We saw at the previous convention how, people like Mangala Samaraweera and Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, came to our convention and reprimanded us. What is the meaning of this? These outsiders, do not understand the pulse of the UNPer in the village. They do not understand their hopes or aspirations.

At least now, we must stop the actions of these outsiders and evict them from the party. If this does not happen then the UNPers in the villages will come to Sirikotha and take steps to evict these persons from the party.”

Meanwhile Secretary of  CPC Branch – Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya,  Ananda Palitha said,

It is not party seniors who are steering the party and are issuing statements today. They are not people who have a mandate from the party supporter. Persons who have no UNP heritage or background and who have tried to destroy the UNP have come over now from the Alliance and are toying with the party.

They are the ones who are making the decisions which are destroying the party and diminishing its voter base. If the local government representatives of the present government have the strength to make their own individual decisions then why is it that seniors in our party cannot chase away the outsiders who are destroying the party? Why can’t they stop them? If they cannot do this or if they do not have the backbone to do this then we will give them the red notice that the unionists and party supporters are ready to commence the second operation to raid Sirikotha and return the party to the UNPer to make it victorious.

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