‘Was verbally abused’ says Anandasangaree : Anandan refutes allegations

‘Was verbally abused’ says Anandasangaree : Anandan refutes allegations

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25 Dec, 2013 | 10:07 pm

The General Secretary of the Tamil United Liberation Front, V. Anandasangaree, has allegedly been verbally abused by MP Shiva Shakthi Anandan. At a media briefing convened in Vavuniya on Wednesday, the TULF’s Wanni District Leader, Former parliamentarian, Raja Kuganeswaran, made this statement.

A special discussion of the Tamil National Alliance was held  in Vavuniya on Tuesday.

Former Parliamentarian Raja Kuganeswaran alleges that the TULF General Secretary V. Anandasangaree had not been invited for these talks.

He said that when Anandasangaree had made inquiries, TNA Parliamentarian Shiva Shakthi Anandan had verbally abused him.

Former Parliamentarian , Raja Kuganeswarana said: “This was a very important discussion. At this discussion where several decisions were to be made, we went there with the intention that we too should participate. There was an exchange of words with Anandasangaree as they believe that the activites of the the TULF would interfere with their politics. At the beginning it was just an argument. Then it aggravated.”

We made inquiries from TULF General Secretary V. Anandasangaree regarding this matter.

V. Anandasangaree stated: “ They are using the name of the TNA for their needs. They do not invite us for meetings. I too contested elections from the Tamil National Alliance. When party decisions are made we too must be involved in the process. The discussions held yesterday were very important. We do not know why we were not invited.”

“We have not done anything wrong. I do not wish to speak further about the incident involving Shiva Shakthi Anandan. I went to his residence to ask him what would happen to the TNA if this continues. He blew this out of proportion. This is the lowest incident I have ever faced in my life. I have always worked with them in friendship, and we have sat down to tea together in the same spirit. But he has acted in a very disrespectful manner. “

We also made inquiries from MP Shiva Shakthi Anandan regarding this matter.

MP Shiva Shakthi Anandan replied: “He came here and asked me why he was not invited. I told him that he needs to speak about this with TNA Leader R. Sampanthan. I also clarified to him that I cannot be held responsible for this. At this instance, Anandasangaree mentioned the names of the TNA Leader and certain parliamentarians and spoke very forcefully.”

“Then I told him that he was a senior politicians and that he should behave in a way that we can follow him. But he did not take any notice. There is no truth in the allegations that he has made, and I categorically reject it.”

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