First round of voting for Homagama PS Budget to take place

First round of voting for Homagama PS Budget to take place

Written by Bella Dalima

21 Dec, 2013 | 9:42 pm

Preparations are underway to hold the first round of voting for the 2014 Budget of the Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha once again.

The reason for this move is because the Local Government Commissioner had decided that the first round of voting that took place on December 11 was not valid.

The Local Government Commissioner has decided that the budget which was presented on the 11th was taken up for debate without seconding the motion presented by the Chairman and that was in violation of the regulations that were in place to operate the Pradeshiya Sabha.

A Communique bearing the signature of the Legal Secretary for the Local Government Commissioner reads that this decision was reached as the motion for the budget documents presented on the 11th were not seconded.

Chairman of Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha, A.D.Kumarasiri expressed these thoughts;

“Proceedings were postponed and left the chambers. During the Commotion they might have not heard some of the things that I said. I was assaulted. After that assault I was hospitalised. Later, the members who were supporting me, made a request to the Deputy Chairman, who was heading the Pradeshiya Sabha to stop the proceedings as the Chairman was hospitalised. He has not listened to them and he had rejected it…”

Deputy Chairman, Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha, Indika Koralage shared these views; “During the budget debate, the Chairman left the chambers without postponing the proceedings. Thereby, according to the ordinance I have the right, as the Deputy Chairman to continue proceedings of the Pradeshiya Sabha. We went for a vote. The budget that was presented by the Chairman was defeated. However, the Local Government Commissioner has sent a letter to us saying that there is an issue with the validity of the vote that had taken place…”

Opposition Leader of Homagama Pradeshiya Sabha, Aruna Panagoda expressed these views; “When he felt that the budget was not in favour of him, he left the chambers. Later, the members independently voted for the budget. Because he cannot accept defeat this is an attempt to protect his corrupt rule. If some one is saying that the budget vote that took place on the 11th is not valid, we are not prepared to accept it.”


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