Public Administration Ministry Expenditure Heads taken up in Parliament

Public Administration Ministry Expenditure Heads taken up in Parliament

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19 Dec, 2013 | 9:55 pm

Expenditure Heads of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs was taken up for debate in Parliament on Thursday.

Here are some views expressed at the Parliament,

UNP MP, Buddika Pathirana said, ” I carried out a small survey yesterday by calling several institutions in the Matara district; that is a district I represent. These institutions come under the purview of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs. The survey was to find out how many officials were present at work on Wednesday. Of the 21 institutions I telephoned, officials were present in only eight of them..”

UNP MP, Eran Wickramaratne said, “If the retirement age is 60, then they should leave at 60. If the retirement age is 57 they should leave then, because other civil servants are waiting for promotions. They too have a dream of being promoted to the highest ranks of the civil service..”

Meanwhile, DNA MP, Sunil Handunnetti stated: “Why hasn’t appointment letters been given to individuals who were recruited in December 2012? There is no point in raising your hand. The reason is because the president does not have a free date ..”

Immediately UPFA MP, A.H.M. Azwer noted: “.. he used the president’s name, he cannot do that ..”

Then Speaker said, “.. then use a different name ..”

Sunil Handunnetti replied, “.. here are people who should retire, a public administration circular should be created to make him retire before 60 years.You work for 13 to 14 years to get a degree, spent millions of public funds. They are our national resources and they have been reduced to distributing seeds ..”

Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs, W.D.J. Seneviratne said: “.. we have informed all public officials to remain in their offices on Wednesday to meet the public. It is considered as a day reserved for the public. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that they remain in office. If they were not present then we can look into it and take necssary action. Provide us the information you possess..”



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