UPFA-governed Imbulpe PS budget defeated for second time

UPFA-governed Imbulpe PS budget defeated for second time

Written by Bella Dalima

19 Dec, 2013 | 9:28 pm

The 2014 Budget of the United People’s Freedom Alliance governed Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated for the second time.  Thereby, the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha will lose his position.

The second round of voting for the 2014 Budget of the Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha was held on Thursday. The Budget received two votes in favour and nine votes against it.

A UPFA member of the Pradeshiya Sabha made off with the budget document while a tense situation arose.

Chairman of Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha, Indu Gunathilake said; “When 4 members including the Deputy Chairman were voting against the Budget, one Member grabbed the documents from me and ran out of the chamber.”

Deputy Chairman of Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha, Wasantha Kumara Guruge stated; “because a member made off with the documents and because of his thugs, we were unable to vote. We were to vote. We were to make our statement against the corruption and intimidation of the chairman.”

Opposition Leader of Imbulpe Pradeshiya Sabha, Lasantha Cooray said; “We requested the chairman to postpone proceedings of the Pradeshiya Sabha. Because it is impossible to obtain a proper result from a vote, when there is an issue in the chamber. Ruling Part members who voted against it, requested for the vote to continue.”

Voting for the 2104 Budget of the Medirigiriya Pradeshiya Sabha has been postponed due to continuous protest received against it.

Chairman of Medirigiriya Pradeshiya Sabha, Ananda Sri Dharmasena said; “the Deputy Chairman and I held discussions with the Members and reached a decision. The budget was presented. It was decided that the vote be held on another day. The Budget will not be defeated.”

Opposition Leader of Medirigiriya Pradeshiya Sabha, Thilak Seneviratne shared these views; “we were expecting a budget that would enhance development in Medirigiriya. But our expectation were shattered.”

Meanwhile, the 2014 Budget of the Kinniya Pradeshiya Sabha was passed today.

Moreover, the Opposition of the Krathiv Pradeshiya Sabha in Amapara say that the Budget of the TNA Government Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated yesterday.

However, the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha says that a vote on the budget did not take place yesterday.



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