Uda Wewa tank overflows submerging houses in Dambulla

Uda Wewa tank overflows submerging houses in Dambulla

Uda Wewa tank overflows submerging houses in Dambulla

Written by Staff Writer

15 Dec, 2013 | 11:53 pm

Six houses were submerged  when the  Uda Wewa tank in Dambulla overflowed.

The Disaster Management Centre noted that steps have been taken to provide temporary shelters for the residents of the affected houses. Over the past few months, reconstruction activities have been carried out on the Uda Wewa tank. Steps were also taken to raise the dam of the tank.

However, incessant rains in the area caused the water level of the tank to rise and eventually resulted in the inundation of  six homes.

 A victim of the inundation said,

 “I am due to face the exam this year; the tank is full because of the rain and reconstruction activities. now our houses have been submerged, there is no way of studying.”

 The residents voiced their distress into the incident,

 “This is not the same tank as before, this has completely disrupted our lives.”

 A large number of people including police lifeguards, members of the District Disaster Management Centre and members of Red Cross came together to rescue the affected.

Mayor of Dambulla, Jaliaya Opatha also joined in this effort.

 “Usually any tank is supposed to have sluice gates but this tank does not have any. If a sluice gate was present then we could have released the excess water. I believe that if the irrigation department and the Agrarian Services Department took advise from engineers when carrying out reconstruction activities, this would not have taken place. This could have massive repercussions during a disaster situation. It could affect the Dambulla town as well as the economic centre.”

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