Expenditure heads of Transport Ministry taken up for debate in Parliament

Expenditure heads of Transport Ministry taken up for debate in Parliament

Expenditure heads of Transport Ministry taken up for debate in Parliament

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Dec, 2013 | 12:18 am

The expenditure heads of the Ministry of Transport were taken up for debate in Parliament on Friday morning. These are some of the views expressed during the debate.

Minister of Private Transport Services, C.B. Ratnayake expressed these views;

“The old procedure of the 3,000 rupee permit issued by the National Transport Commission, is not what is being followed today. We have made preparations to call for tenders for all routes. We will not let anyone to bring in political interference into this for any reason.”

DNA Parliamentarian, Sunil Handunnetti shared these views;

“During office hours, over 45 percent of the vehicles travelling in Colombo are being used by single individuals. While they like having their own vehicles, each and every one of them are willing to use public transport if the service is timely and efficient. If they can trust in the public transport service then they are willing to use it for work purposes. We believe that in the case of passenger transport, if we are able to strengthen the public transport service, then we can halve the cost of fuel.”

UPFA Parliamentarian, Eric Prasanna Weerawardena had this to share;

“If a pre-paid card system is introduced and people travelling for the entire year receive a good price, and if we can bring all the private buses and CTB buses under the same company and run on a single timetable, then we can stop this competition between individual buses.”

UNP Parliamentarian, Nalin Bandara Jayamaha expressed these thoughts;

“Honourable Speaker, as of today, the restaurant carriages on trains promised six months ago are yet to be seen. So when an essential component of the railway service which is the restaurant carriage has not been introduced for over six months, then how can we say that the Minister has been successful?”

Minister of Transport, Kumara Welgama shared these views; “The individual who formerly operated the restaurant carriages was serving filth. People complained about this. They asked that the restaurant carriage be stopped and therefore when the time-frame elapsed we ceased it. We called for tenders twice. But for whatever reason we are unable to find another person.”

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