Action TV: NWPC Education, tenure issues and shopping malls

Action TV: NWPC Education, tenure issues and shopping malls

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Dec, 2013 | 11:22 pm

The first five-year tenure of the North Western Provincial Council could be identified as a period in which many activities were performed on behalf of the public.

A few months ago members were chosen for the 6th administrative tenure of the Northwestern Provincial Council and during the election period, education was one of the key topics that was impressed upon by contesting candidates.

According to the 13th Amendment to the constitution both the government and the provincial council are given authority to regulate the education sector, during the first administrative tenure of the NW Provincial Council a significant amount of work was done on behalf of the education sector.

The construction of a permanent building for the Galgamuwa Divisional Education Office was one such activity. The building was declared open in 1992.

However, a regime change in 1994 signaled the commencement of plans to take over the said building for other purposes.


Since the initial reasons given for the take over of the building proved to be baseless, the attempt failed.

However, on November 27 Action TV revealed that the Galgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha is attempting to take over the building of the Galgamuwa Divisional Education Office through the Mahinda Chinthana policy framework.

Their attempts to take over the building have been so disgusting that they even took steps to disconnect the water supply to the building. Action TV earlier revealed that officials attached to the divisional education office have had to make their own routes to enter the building as the location where the building is located has been turned into a construction site, due to the Pradeshiya Sabha’s decision to construct a shopping complex.

Action TV also found out that the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha has become powerful enough to issue letters stating that the plot of land housing the divisional education office belongs to them. His letters had also mistaken the name of the plot of land.

While construction work on the shopping complex is continuing. a retired ruling party politician from Galgamuwa had informed the Mahawa Zonal Education office to vacate the building of the Galgamuwa Divisional Education office before the end of this month.

However, even the Director of Education in the North Western Province does not have a solution to the issue of where to relocate the Divisional Education Office.

Teachers in Galgamuwa question as to how the Chairman of the Galgamuwa Pradeshiya Sabha can issue such letters when even provincial councils do not exercise land powers.

Continuing to maintain silence on this issue can be considered as a green light for chairpersons of Pradeshiya Sabhas and retied politicians to exercise provincial educational powers.

Chief Minister of the North Western Province this is once again over to you …


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