It was a major battle – Senasinghe on Slave Island case

It was a major battle – Senasinghe on Slave Island case

Written by Bella Dalima

13 Dec, 2013 | 11:26 pm

Parliamentarian Sujeewa Senasinghe expressed the following views at an event held at the Hamdaniya Arabic School in Maligawatte.

He expressed these thoughts;

“None of the politicians came here when the UDA tried to evict the people in Slave Island. There is Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Because of the fear that the President might issue a gazette notification , no one arrived here.

The Mayor could have spoken on behalf of us during the case. He never sighted this area. Certain groups are now working with the government. At that time Mr.Farzan and I took over the Slave Island court case. We must respect the verdict of the courts. They were forced to grant this verdict.”

He added; “We spoke to the people. It was promised in courts that the people will receive houses in the same area. It was said that luxury apartments will be given to them. It was also promised in court that if they are not willing to take the apartments then they will be compensated in monetary value. It was a major battle. If not these people will be dumped somewhere and they will have to stay there.”

He stated; “ There is a court verdict , which says that they need to be settled in this place. Now, politicians are expressing various views. There are persons who engage in politics with cinnamon poles in our party. They are bankrupt. They are saying that I settled this case in order to support the Government. We cannot simply settle something.”


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