Sri Ranga stresses on the need for discussions between ministries

Sri Ranga stresses on the need for discussions between ministries

Written by Staff Writer

10 Dec, 2013 | 10:30 pm

General Secretary of the Citizens’ Front J. Sri Ranga says ethnic problems arise because of the failure to discuss and resolve problems between ministries.

J. Sri Ranga made this comment in Parliament on Monday. 

He further stated,

“There are several problems today which can be resolved by holding discussions between ministries. There are ministries for various sectors. There is a minister for land. But some people think that they are the ones in charge of all the ministries.

They create problems. When the land problem arose, if the subject minister was called upon and discussions were held then it could have been resolved. Since this was not done, today problems have arisen between the Tamil and Muslim people.

A stop must be put to securing political benefits by creating divisions among communities. There are people in the Nuwara Eliya District who cannot even pay their electricity bill. They do not own a large portion of the land there.

The government says that there are 50,000 homes. But it would be more valuable to them if they received about seven perches. The government has even accepted that 35,000 hectares of land in Nuwara Eliya cannot be cultivated on.

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