Sajith spotlights the fate of ‘third forces’

Sajith spotlights the fate of ‘third forces’

Sajith spotlights the fate of ‘third forces’

Written by Staff Writer

09 Dec, 2013 | 11:22 pm

Speaking at an event held in Hambantota on Sunday UNP Parliamentarian Sajith Premadasa commented on the fate of third forces.

Sajith Premadasa made these comments, “We know that there are two main alternatives in this country.  One is the Alliance, the other is the United National Party.

Today, there are certain people that say no, that there is a third force as well. What happens to these people who come forward as third forces? They are dissolved quickly and rapidly go into decline.

The United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom party are not such parties. Whether it is the Bandaranaikes or the Rajapaksas or the Premadasas. Wickremesinghes, Jayawardenes, Kotelawalas or Dahanayakes that are in charge, – these two parties are historic political institutions.Just because people come forward and people are lost, these two parties will never be dissolved. Keep this in mind ” .

MP Sajith Premadasa provided financial aid on Sunday to about 130 women in the Siyambalagas-ara area in
Nakulugamuwa, Hambantota.

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