Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha budget defeated

Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha budget defeated

Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha budget defeated

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Dec, 2013 | 10:38 pm

The 2014 budget of the UNP governed Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated on Friday.

Accordingly, the second round of voting for the budget will take place on December 12.

Three governing party members of the Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha including the Deputy Chairman voted against the budget. Six votes were cast against the budget and five votes were cast in favour.

If the budget is defeated after the second round of voting, the chairman will be forced to vacate his position.In the past few days, chairmen of UPFA-governed local government institutions had to vacate their position after the budget was defeated for the second time.

Parliamentarian, Harin Fernando expressed these views: “We can see that the government seems to be falling apart, by looking at the position of Pradeshiya Sabhas. A situation where the budget created by the Chairmen of the Pradeshiya Sabhas cannot be saved has arisen.”

He added; “The main reason for this is that there is opposition shown by members of the Pradeshiya Sabha towards the arbitrary actions of the chairmen. When we attend Parliament, all the ministers and parliamentarians urge us to speak against the government because they have had enough.”

Meanwhile, Minister Dinesh Gunawardena shared these views; “This defeat is a result of inefficiency and corruption. Are these due to political reasons? We hope to face this problem by asking this question. The best course of action is for local government institutions present the budget after cordial discussions with the members.”

“There are certain instances when the opposition has voted for us and certain other instances when the opposition leaves. They do not oppose, they simply leave so that a problem pertaining to discipline will not arise. These are minor issues,” stated Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.



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