A debate in Parliament to ensure better education

A debate in Parliament to ensure better education

Written by Bella Dalima

06 Dec, 2013 | 11:11 pm

The expenditure heads of the Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Education Services, Technology and Research, and Telecommunications and Information Technology, were taken up for debate in Parliament today and passed with amendments.

Here are some of the views expressed during the debate.

UNP Parliamentarian, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam expressed these views;

“Sixty eight years have passed since free education was introduced. But we are far behind countries that charged money for education. Honourable Deputy Speaker, even though there is an education administrative service and a grading system for principals, they will never cease this by introducing cabinet papers. Against this backdrop, unless you step outside of politics, you cannot prevent the collapse of education. Have you taken steps to regulate private schools?”

Minister of Cultural Affairs, T.B. Ekanayake shared these views;

“The budget proposal reads that in order to ensure a better education service, a separate department will be established under the Ministry of Education to regulate international schools.”

UNP Parliamentarian , Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe expressed these views;

“Today the child’s fundamental right to education is being violated not from the day they are born but from the moment they are conceived. A suitable school must be sought. And address has to be registered. Bank accounts must be opened. This is a major problem. Honourable Minister, you cannot address this problem by establishing popular schools and developing public schools. You must address this problem by going back to the old system that prevailed in the colonial era which was the cluster school system.”

UPFA Parliamentarian, Namal Rajapaksa shared these views;

“I do not believe and I will not accept that the shortage in teachers has been addressed 100 percent. In comparison with past years, a significant number of mathematics teachers and other teachers have been attached to rural schools. In addition, literacy, skills, university entrants and the number of students passing Advanced Levels and Ordinary Levels have increased considerably.”


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