Position of Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman annulled

Position of Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman annulled

Written by Bella Dalima

04 Dec, 2013 | 9:37 pm

The position of the Chairman of the Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha, Vimarshana Prabath Vithana has been annulled.

This was caused by the second defeat of the Pradeshiya Sabha’s budget for the coming year. Commissioner of Local Government in the North Central Province, W.T.A. Manel said that the Chairman of the Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha, the Chief Minister of the North Central Province, the Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government and the Elections Commissioner had been informed of the invalidation of the Chairman’s position.

She added that another member of the Pradeshiya Sabha would be appointed as Acting Chairman.The Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha which is governed by the United People’s Freedom Alliance, comprises of seven government members and two opposition members.

The first vote on the Pradeshiya Sabha’s budget for 2014 was called on November 7 and received only one vote for.

The budget was defeated with a majority of 3 votes in the second round of voting on November 11.Meanwhile, the Budget of the Wattala-Mabola Pradeshiya Sabha was defeated in the first round of voting on Wednesday.

The budget received eight votes for,  and eleven against

Chairman of Wattala-Mabola PS, R.A. Thyagaratna Alwis stated; “At times the Deputy Chairman waits to see if he will get power. He opposed it because he wants the position of Chairman. The others too are acting for their own benefits. We are truly disappointed.”

While a second round of voting can be called for on the budget of the Wattala-Mabola Pradeshiya Sabha, if it is defeated again, the Chairman could lose his position.

The budget of the Kesbewa Pradeshiya Sabha too was defeated in the first round of voting yesterday. Several Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen lost their position in the recent past as a result of the consecutive defeats of their budgets.

The Chairman of the Peliyagoda Pradeshiya Sabha, Nihal Ananda lost his position on the 27th of November following the second defeat of the budget. The Deputy Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha was appointed as Acting Chairman by the Chief Minister of the Western Province.

The Chairman of the Mirigama Pradeshiya Sabha, Ananda Premachandra Ranaweera too, lost his position following the second defeat of the budget and the Deputy Chairman was appointed as the Acting Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha.

General Secretary of UPFA, Minister Susil Premajayantha expressed these views;

“The Deputy Chairman and several members band together against the Chairman because of problems they have with preferential votes and the like, and defeat the budget presented by the Chairman even if it is an acceptable one. They band together and defeat the budget in the hope that the Chairman will be sent home and the Deputy Chairman will become Chairman.”

“But they are unaware that this will not happen. In instances where the budget has been defeated twice and the Chairman have had to legitimately resign, we will allocate time and convene everyone involved, the Pradeshiya Sabha group and the electorate organiser and we will take a decision as the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the United People’s Freedom Alliance. If not, we can dissolve such local government institutions and place the administration of those councils under a commissioner.”

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