Peliyagoda UC’s budget defeat puts Chairman’s position at risk

Peliyagoda UC’s budget defeat puts Chairman’s position at risk

Written by Bella Dalima

27 Nov, 2013 | 10:11 pm

The Chairman of the Peliyagoda Urban Council, Nihal Ananda Perera is at risk of losing his position after the second defeat of the council’s proposed budget for 2014.

Western Province Local Government Commissioner Chandrani Samarakoon says that when a local government council’s budget is defeated on two occasions the chairman is considered to have resigned his position.

A second round of voting on the 2014 budget of the Peheliyagoda Urban Council was held on Wednesday.

Chairman of Peliyagoda UC, Nihal Ananda Perera expressed these views; “I ask that no one opposes this. Let us unite and work for our locale. We have all come here to serve our village. I make a request of everyone here to protect the party and pass this budget. I ask that people from our party raise their hands first to pass the budget.”

He added; “I asked for a show of hands, and three people raised their hands. Three persons from the opposition raised their hands and three did not.”

Another vote was called for at which the budget only received one vote in favour.

“They did not look at the positives and negatives of the budget. They did not do this before and neither have they done it now. They are just opposing it. I wish to say to the people that an election will be held within a year to two years. If we are good then you can vote for us. Or you can remove us. Now you know who is responsible for all of this. This is the work of a certain group,” added Chairman of Peheliyagoda UC, Nihal Ananda Perera.

Following the conclusion of the voting on the budget a group of supporters of the chairman entered the chamber and voiced their protest.

Councillor of Peheliyagoda UC, Darshana Dambawaththa said; “It is a former UNP Chairman that was appointed for us. He has never allowed our supporters to do anything in our locales. Therefore, we defeated the budget this time and the last time as well. We did not do this out of opposition to His Excellency the President or Minister Basil Rajapaksa.”

The 2014 budget of the Peliyagoda Urban Council was first defeated on the 19th of this month.

Commissioner of Local Government of Western Province, Chandrani Samarakoon expressed these views; “When a budget is defeated on two occasions we consider that the Chairman has resigned his position. The Secretary of the Peliyagoda Urban Council has informed us of the same. We will take a future course of action as per the relevant act.”


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