Ratnapura residents evacuate due to landslide risk

Ratnapura residents evacuate due to landslide risk

Ratnapura residents evacuate due to landslide risk

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25 Nov, 2013 | 9:30 pm

People residing in several homes in Bibila, Udagama in Ratnapura have been asked to evacuate due to a risk of landslides and cave-ins.

Our reporter says that the Imbulpe Divisional Secretary had made this announcement after visiting the area on Monday. About twelve homes in Bibila, Udagama, which comes under the purview of the Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat in Ratnapura, are currently at risk from landslides.

This is because of fissures that can be witnessed on the Pinnawala – Mettegama Road located above these homes.Cracks could also be witnessed on the walls of several homes.

Residents say that although they had been informed of the risk several years prior, the authorities did not take steps to provide them with alternate lands.

A resident speaking to Newsfirst said:

[quote]We were informed. Alternate lands were not given. We have nowhere to go[/quote]

Fissures can also be witnessed on the access road to the Wetahirahena Avukana Viharaya in Udagama.Our reporter says that fissures about six inches wide can be witnessed on the road.

Ven. Udagama Vajirasinghe Thera, Chief Incumbent – Wetahirahena Avukana Viharaya expressed the following views:

[quote]If these people are to be resettled elsewhere then they should be resettled in close proximity. If they are taken far away it will be difficult for them to become stable again[/quote]

The Imbulpe Divisional Secretary J.L.C.K. Jayasinghe visited the area on Monday, to view firsthand the situation that has arisen. When we made inquiries he said that he had asked people to temporarily seek shelter elsewhere until the prevailing rainy weather conditions pass. Meanwhile, a three-storey building located near the Ma Oya in Kappagoda, Mawanella is at risk of caving in. The inhabitants of the building and a business establishment, have been relocated.

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