Aswasuma Phase 2: Over 300K Applications Included

Aswasuma 2nd Phase: Over 300K Applications Included in System

by Staff Writer 16-05-2024 | 3:14 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The second phase of the Aswasuma program has received 450,404 applications.

State Finance Minister, Shehan Semasinghe, announced that 84% of these applications, totaling 377,485, have already been incorporated into the system.

To bolster the initiative, 2,000 newly recruited Grama Niladhari officials will engage in the process.

Minister Semasinghe emphasized that allowances will be provided to other parties involved in the census work. A related cabinet paper will soon be submitted for approval.

In a separate development, State Minister Semasinghe highlighted concerns about beneficiaries who have not collected their entitled free rice pack.

The Development Finance Department of the Ministry of Finance is preparing a report on this matter, expected to be delivered to the Minister next week.

The provision of free rice specifically targets the poorest families in the country.

Minister Semasinghe emphasized that beneficiaries must visit distribution points to receive their allocated rice. The report will help identify any fraudulent claims.