Sri Lanka Looks To Allow High-Capacity Motorbikes

Sri Lanka Looks To Allow High-Capacity Motorbikes

by Staff Writer 09-04-2024 | 12:22 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Sri Lankan government is directing its attention toward permitting the registration of motorcycles equipped with engines exceeding 450 CC.

The Department of Motor Traffic confirmed that comprehensive documentation is currently in preparation for submission to the relevant Cabinet authorities.

Once approved, this initiative will pave the way for the registration of high-capacity motorcycles.

According to sources within the Department of Motor Traffic, immediate action will follow the Cabinet's endorsement.

The use of unregistered motorcycles has been linked to criminal activities. By formalizing the registration process, law enforcement agencies can better track and monitor motorbikes, deterring illicit behavior.

Registered vehicles provide crucial data for investigations. By extending registration to higher-capacity motorcycles, authorities can overcome obstacles in identifying and apprehending offenders.