Cabinet paper on salaries of candidates, today

Cabinet paper on salaries of candidates, today

by Staff Writer 27-03-2023 | 2:36 PM

COLOMBO (News1st); A cabinet paper regarding the payment of the salaries of the government employees who have submitted nominations for the local government elections is to be submitted by the Prime Minister to the Cabinet today (27).

It is mentioned that 3,000 government employees have handed in nominations for the election. 

The salary payments of the public sector employees who submitted nominations have been suspended and they are facing severe difficulties due to the continuous delay of the elections.

State Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils Janaka Wakkumbura says that the cabinet paper requests that the basic salaries of the said public servants are paid from the 9th of March to the 25th of April. 

He says that if the election is delayed even further, they are looking for a method to let the employees resume work at their workplaces, instead of paying only the basic salary. 

The State Minister says that the said Cabinet paper is being presented considering the upcoming New Year festive season. 

He also says that future action will be taken after discussing with the National Election Commission.