Govt to rationalization of state expenses

Govt to rationalization of state expenses

Govt to rationalization of state expenses

Written by Sandro Sathyajith

07 Feb, 2023 | 2:15 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Cabinet has granted approval for the appointment of 10 committees to manage the expenses at 10 ministries.

The President, as the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies proposed in the budget proposals 2023 to introduce zero-based budgeting with the aim of rationalizing state expenditure.

Through a zero-based budgeting methodology, double counting of programmes expenditure wastage, low-priority activities, and efficient and productive methodologies of utilizing the allocation of existing provisions will be recognized through a systematic review. 

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the resolution submitted by the President as the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilization, and National Policies to appoint 10 committees comprised of officers chaired by either a Deputy Treasury Secretary or a senior officer of the Treasury in order to conduct a systematic review of the following Ministries to which a higher portion of allocations are made from the annual budget estimations.

• Ministry of Transport and Highways
• Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils, and Local Government
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Agriculture
• Ministry of Plantation Industries
• Ministry of Defense
• Ministry of Public Security
• Ministry of Irrigation
• Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

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