Core-Group on Sri Lanka release Draft Resolution

Core-Group on Sri Lanka release Draft Resolution

Core-Group on Sri Lanka release Draft Resolution

Written by Staff Writer

14 Sep, 2022 | 1:22 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st) – A new draft resolution on Sri Lanka co-sponsored by the Core Group at the UNHRC – the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Macedonia, and Malavi was made public on Wednesday (14).

The draft resolution expresses concern at the human rights impacts of the economic crisis, including as a result of increased food insecurity, severe shortages in fuel, shortages in essential medicines, and reductions in household incomes, while stressing the need to promote and protect the rights of the most marginalized and disadvantaged individuals, including daily wage earners, children, older persons, and persons with disabilities; 

It expresses concern over other human rights developments since April 2022 including violence against and arrests of peaceful protestors, as well as violence against Government supporters, resulting in deaths, injuries, destruction, and damage to houses of members of Parliament, and stresses the importance of independent investigations into all attacks and for those found responsible to be held to account;

Core Group at the UNHRC said it is concerned about the continued militarization of civilian government functions; the erosion of the independence of the judiciary and key institutions responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights; lack of progress in addressing longstanding grievances and demands of Tamil and Muslim populations; surveillance, intimidation and harassment of journalists, human rights defenders, families of the disappeared and persons involved in memorialization initiatives, and sexual and gender-based violence; 

It notes the persistent lack of independence, impartiality, and transparency of domestic mechanisms, and that emblematic human rights cases have been undermined through delays and the granting of Presidential pardons to those accused or convicted of crimes relating to grave violations of human rights.

The draft resolution calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to address the ongoing economic crisis and help ensure it does not happen again, including by investigating and, where warranted, prosecuting corruption, including by public and former public officials, and stands ready to assist and support independent, impartial, and transparent efforts in this regard.

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