Protestors were unwilling to vacate premises: Police Spokesperson

Protestors were unwilling to vacate premises: Police Spokesperson

Protestors were unwilling to vacate premises: Police Spokesperson

Written by Amani Nilar

23 Jul, 2022 | 6:07 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Speaking at a special press briefing today, the Police media Spokesman, SSP Nihal Thalduwa said, the Police had been operating with restraint in the past couple of months, allowing the people to engage in peaceful protest.

Displaying several videos circulated in social media, where police officers duties were apparently obstructed by the protestors, the spokesman said, the police are engaged in maintaining peace and the rule of law, and anyone who obstructs that duty is not upholding the law.

The press briefing was held to address the crackdown on the GotaGoGama protest site, in the early hours of the 22nd of July.

He added, the removing of tents and structures inside a 50m radius of the SWRD Bandaranaike statue at Galle face, was conducted since protecting state property and the idol of a significant personality in Sri Lankan history, is the duty of the Police.

The spokesman further stated, the protestors acted aggressively in previous occasions when the Police requested them to vacate state buildings, and this lead to the Police not being able to trust the words and promises of the protestors.

SSP Thalduwa also emphasized that NOBODY will be allowed to undermine and humiliate the Police, Tri-forces and the Rule of Law in the future.

Mentioning that the citizens’ respect for Rule of Law lessened as a result, the Police Spokesperson said that the Police did not take any steps to disrupt the ongoing protests at Galle Face at that time, despite the disturbances caused due to loud noises and bright lights.

However, as the protests progressed, it became almost impossible for Police officers to even carry out their duties at the protest sites, the Spokesperson said. He said that due to this, the respect for Police as a whole lessened.

This does not pave way for a good progression of society if there is no respect for Rule of Law and its enforcers, he added.

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