Govt initiated a wave of oppression

Govt initiated a wave of oppression

Govt initiated a wave of oppression

Written by Amani Nilar

13 Jul, 2022 | 4:23 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Oppositionn Leader Sajith Premadasa says that the Government has initiated a wave of oppression against the people amidst the continued calls for both the Prime Minister and the President to resign.

He says that the wave of oppression with guns and other arms has been initiated against unarmed protestors.

While condemning the oppressive measures which are being taken by the Government, the Opposition Leader demanded whether the President actually resigned or whether he simply paused for a moment.

Therefore, he emphasizes that the current administration, which continues to oppress the people, should resign, without dragging the country into a much worse situaton, and stated that they cannot continue to swear into positions as they require.

Accordingly, he appealed the tri-forces and the Police forces of the country to think of the unarmed protestors, and to not to become tools of the President and the Prime Minister, and to not to proceed to harm any protestors in the process.

He also added that the Party Leaders meeting which was supposed to be held today, was cancelled, and demanded whether the Parliament is not taking any steps to appoint a new President in the near future, as previously planned.

The Opposition Leader also requested the protestors to not to cause harm to any public property, and to peacefully continue their dissent.

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