Russian Plane held at BIA?

Russian Plane held at BIA?

by Amani Nilar 02-06-2022 | 9:24 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Colombo Commercial High Court today issued an enjoining order preventing a Russian 'Aeroflot' aircraft from leaving Sri Lanka.

Colombo Commercial High Court Judge Harsha Sethunga issued the enjoining order on the respondent Russian airline after hearing a complaint filed by Celestial Aviation Trading Limited in Ireland, and this enjoining order will remain in effect until the 16th of June.

The plaintiff states that it has a settlement case with the respondent Russian Airlines, and therefore, the complainant had filed a complaint seeking an injunction restraining an aircraft belonging to the respondent airline from leaving Sri Lanka.

The enjoining order was issued by the Colombo Commercial High Court Judge after considering the complaint.

In a statement the Russian Government said that the plane was detained in Sri Lanka.

The statement further added that the Sri Lankan authorities have obtained a certificate that the aircraft will not be detained.