Tear gas fired to disperse Rambukkana Protest

Tear gas fired to disperse Rambukkana Protest

by Amani Nilar 19-04-2022 | 5:28 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Tear gas was fired to disperse locals who were protesting at the Rambukkana Crossing by obstructing the railway tracks, against the fuel price hike.

Multiple protests are taking place against the fuel price hike and the shortage of fuel across many areas in Sri Lanka on Tuesday (19).

News 1st correspondents said that protests are currently taking place in Rambukkana, Hingurakgoda, Baddegama, Digana, Gampola, Ratnapura, and Theldeniya.

Furthermore, people have obstructed the rail road from Rambukkana, prompting delay in train services along the road, in addition to many shops and businesses in the Rambukkana Town being closed down in support of these protests.