Sri Lankan President admits suspending chemical fertilizer was a mistake – President

Sri Lankan President admits suspending chemical fertilizer was a mistake – President

Written by Zulfick Farzan

18 Apr, 2022 | 7:45 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa admitted that failure to deliver chemical fertilizer to the local farmers was also a mistake, and measures have been taken to deliver chemical fertilizer to the farmers at present.

The President said he believes Sri Lanka should have approached the International Monetary Fund much earlier, given the situation in the country.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said no matter what challenges are ahead, he would not evade his responsibilities.

“I am speaking to you at a time when Sri Lanka is facing a decisive moment economically, politically, and socially,” he told the newly appointed ministers on Monday (18) in his opening remarks.

He said Sri Lanka cannot solve its issues, unless the economic issue is addressed properly, adding that the necessary measures such as the appointment of a new Finance Minister, Central Bank Governor, Finance Secretary, Advisory Group, have been made to address the crisis.

“We must always tell the truth to the people. There is no point in concealing the truth from the people,” he added.

President Rajapaksa said that the limited foreign reserves should be used for the needs of the people, while the country must also source foreign exchange for emergencies.

The President also invited all political parties to come together to solve the crisis, and for the betterment of the country.

“They still have the opportunity to join hands with us,” he said.

He said that he did not consider seniority when appointing the new Cabinet of Ministers, on Monday (18).

“Ministerial positions are not mere benefits, it is a great responsibility,” he told the new Cabinet in Colombo, urging them NOT to use additional benefits as Ministers.

He said that he expects honest, efficient, and untainted governance from the new cabinet, while ridding the institutions vested with them of corruption, and converting them to be committed to serving the public.

“Most of the public institutions are in financial crisis and those need to be rectified,” said the President, adding that this is an ideal opportunity to introduce the system change that the people are calling for.

The President also appealed to the youth to support this endeavor.

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