(VIDEO) Singapore Sword Attack: Sri Lankan hailed a hero for subduing the attacker

(VIDEO) Singapore Sword Attack: Sri Lankan hailed a hero for subduing the attacker

Written by Zulfick Farzan

16 Mar, 2022 | 9:00 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); A Sri Lankan man has been hailed a hero in Singapore for fending off a man who attacked him with a sword in Buangkok Crescent.

Kumarapeli Arachchige Amila Chinthana, 35, had just finished grocery shopping and was waiting at the traffic light along Buangkok Crescent when a man with a sword attacked him.

Despite his injuries on his left shoulder, elbow, and knees, Amila Chinthana helped subdue the armed man alongside other passers-by until the police arrived.

“He just ran towards me and slashed me three times,” said Chinthana, who owns a delivery service company in Singapore.

Chinthana said he sustained three injuries – a cut longer than 10cm on his left shoulder as well as superficial wounds on his left hand and on the area below his neck.

The assailant, a 37-year-old man, slipped and fell after charging at Chinthana, who managed to pin him to the ground.

“It was very lucky that the floor was very slippery and he fell. I managed to get a grip on his two legs and held him down tightly,” said Chinthana, who also suffered bruises on his elbows and knees from the tussle.

Preliminary police investigations found that the 37-year-old had consumed unknown pills prior to leaving his home with the sword.

After a brief altercation with members of the public at his lift lobby, he jaywalked across the road and allegedly used the weapon to hit five passing cars, said the police in a statement.

Amila Chinthana was among six people who received Public Spiritedness Awards from the police on Tuesday (Mar 15) for helping to restrain the suspect.

He will be charged on Wednesday with voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means, said the police in a news release on Monday night.

The six people – Kumarapeli Arachchige Amila Chinthana, Lim Jun Yi, Muhammad Nur Rabbani Mohammad Zaini, Lim Jiajing, Muhammad Naufal Ahmadsubronto and Ms Kervyn Koh – were each awarded a plaque at Ang Mo Kio Police Division’s headquarters on Tuesday (15) afternoon.

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