Sri Lanka should hold the patent for Kottu: MP Charitha Herath

Sri Lanka should hold the patent for Kottu: MP Charitha Herath

Sri Lanka should hold the patent for Kottu: MP Charitha Herath

Written by Amani Nilar

08 Mar, 2022 | 7:55 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Intellectual law is an area which is not given prominence within Sri Lanka, and it is time to develop the particular field as a profitable venture for the country, especially with the assistance of academics and students, says SLPP MP Charitha Herath. 

Speaking at the Parliament today (08), the MP said that Italy holds the patent for pizza, a globally consumed food item, while the USA holds the patent for the hamburger, therefore, Sri Lanka should file for the patent for local delicacy, ‘Kottu’.

Speaking further, the MP said that Sri Lanka should have the intellectual rights to its own unique items, and filing a patent for the food item would enable for it to become a world-wide regarded food. 

The delicacy, which originated from Batticaloa, should be filed for an international patent along with its variations, such as the ice cream kottu, the MP said. 

Furthermore, the MP said that maintaining a digital space becomes more important day after day, areas such as copyright law and social media must be included in the intellectual property law in the country. 

Accordingly, this would enable the youth of the country to take advantage of digital platforms to improve their businesses, in addition to enabling rural youth to develop their information technology law further. 

Sri Lanka has been unable to even activate the service Paypal as of yet, the MP pointed out. 

Moreover, inventions by University students have not been able to obtain the relevant exposure needed for them to develop further as the legislation to empower creativity is not present within Sri Lanka, MP Herath added, emphasizing the importance of establishing intellectual property law in Sri Lanka in line with the Bern convention.

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