What of the impoverished in the middle of many a crisis?

What of the impoverished in the middle of many a crisis?

What of the impoverished in the middle of many a crisis?

Written by Amani Nilar

01 Mar, 2022 | 8:27 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); While the fuel and the electricity crises had brought the country to its knees, what of those who were already impoverished? 

One such family that has been rendered helpless is V. K. Madanayake’s family.

Since the 26th of February, Madanayake, his wife and two kids have been living next to the Beira Lake in Colombo.

Madanayake who was previously employed at a coir factory in Warakapola while living in a renter house in the area, thereafter moved to his ancestral home in Ambepussa after his only brother succumbed to COVID-19.

However, they were not able to live in that house for long.

Madanayake’s Wife, speaking to News 1st stated that that they performed the final rites of the body of his brother, only to a come home to a locked house. 

After filing a complaint that the house was locked off by a monk to the Police, the entire family was forced out of the house. 

“On 19th of January he monk came and asked us if we chose intimidation or the law? I responded that we chose the law. The monk also produced a deed while we were in possession of the deed since previously. Thereafter, the house went to the monk,” she said.

Now we have become helpless with our two children, Madanayake’s Wife added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Incumbent of the Dudley Senanayakaramaya, Venerable Dehiwala Chandavisuddhi Thero stated that the deceased brother of Madanayake donated the property to the Sangha for a home for elders to be constructed in the memory of his late mother. 

Alleging that Madanayake’s family forced their way into the house, the Thero stated that he went to Court over the issue, which ruled that Madanayake produced a fake deed, and subsequently ordered them to vacate, leaving them to live next to the Beira Lake in Colombo.

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