Thousands of health workers continue strike

Thousands of health workers continue strike

Thousands of health workers continue strike

Written by Teena Marian

15 Feb, 2022 | 9:41 am


COLOMBO (News 1st); Thousands of Sri Lankan Health Workers are continuing their strike action for the 9th consecutive day on Tuesday (15).

The strike is being carried out by 16 groups of health professionals, including medical laboratory scientists, pharmacists, radiologists, cardiologists, public health inspectors, family health officers, and pharmacists.

These trade unions were earlier joined by the Government Nursing Officers’ Association, however, they stepped away from the strike after the Colombo District Court issued two enjoining orders against the strike by them.

The demands are as follows:
– Failure to issue the circular naming of the posts in connection with the confirmation of staff ownership.

– Eliminate the parallel pay disparity caused by the elimination of only teacher pay anomalies, maintain the pay policy in a manner that does not violate the Sri Lanka Eligibility Framework, and implement Ranuk’s pay committee recommendations.

– In determining the overtime rate, calculate 1/80 of the basic salary for all health care professionals and update the call and sample allowance which has not been updated for 21 years accordingly.

– Establishing the correct salary scale relevant to the professional degree and providing suitable posts/employment opportunities.

– Establishment of a “Health Administration Service” representing all health professionals.

– Special Duty Allowance to Increase to 10,000 rupees

– Transforming health professional services into closed services.


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