Station Master ready for Trade Union Action

'Will not hesitate to go back to Trade Union action' - Sumeda Somarathana

by Staff Writer 31-01-2022 | 4:28 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Station Masters' Union Sumeda Somarathana said that train cancellations in an arbitrary manner will compel them to resort to Trade Union action.

He stated that 07 office trains on the mainline and 4 office trains on the coastal line were canceled on Monday (31). severely inconveniencing the commuters.

The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Station Masters' Union stated that the unions are preparing to go on strike again in the future over several issues, including the arbitrary cancellation of trains.

Moreover, he stated that the Station Masters directed the government attention to the arbitrary cancellation of office trains and the actions taken by drivers who say no.

Further, he stated that they are paying attention to the fact on whether train passengers and employees are endangered, or if the passengers are inconvenienced through this.

The night mail train resumed operations but within a few days, it was in a state of cancellation, these incidents take place purposely, said the Sri Lanka Station Masters' Union,