(PICTURES) German Submarine Hunter ‘Bayern’ in Colombo

(PICTURES) German Submarine Hunter ‘Bayern’ in Colombo

(PICTURES) German Submarine Hunter ‘Bayern’ in Colombo

Written by Zulfick Farzan

15 Jan, 2022 | 1:02 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); Bayern, a Brandenburg-class frigate of the German Navy reached the Colombo Harbour on Saturday (15).

The Commander of the Frigate and the Crew were warmly welcomed in Colombo by the German Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Navy.

F217 “Bayern”, was commissioned on 15th June 1996 for the German Navy.

236 soldiers work on board a Type 123 frigate. As on any other naval ship, sea watches lasting several hours ensure 24-hour operation on board.

Since their commissioning, the four ships of the F123 class have primarily been used for submarine hunting.

They can use both their bow sonar and two Sea Lynx on-board helicopters. These extend the ships’ anti-submarine range with their diving sonar and their torpedoes. With this focus capability, the Brandenburg-class warships ideally complement the 124-class frigates, whose main task is long-range air defense.

The four Brandenburg-class frigates have powerful radar systems for sea and airspace surveillance and fire control for use with weapons.

Sonar, systems for electronic warfare as well as telecommunications and data transmission systems complete the equipment. The well-equipped radio room in particular allows the Brandenburg class to also take on management tasks.

139.0 m length (over all)
16.7m wide
6.3m draft
4,900 t displacement

Type CODOG (combined diesel engine or gas turbine drive)
2 x gas turbine
2 x diesel engines
Total output: 38,000 kW (51,700 hp)
2 propellers
Speed: more than 29 knots

1 × SMART-S multifunction radar
1 × airspace surveillance radar LW 08, range: more than 260 km
2 x fire control radar STIR 180
1 × bow sonar DSQS-23BZ
1 x video and infrared target tracking MSP 600
1 x EK system FL 1800 S (electronic reconnaissance/electronic combat)
2 × navigational radar

1 x main gun 76 mm compact, range: more than 18 km
2 x 27mm MLG auto cannons naval light gun
4 x 12.7mm heavy machine guns
2 x launchers for anti-ship missiles RGM-84 Harpoon, range more than 220 km
1 x VLS Mk41 vertical launch system for NSSM and ESSM anti-aircraft missiles, range: more than 50 km (ESSM)
2 x RIM-116 RAM short-range anti-aircraft launchers Rolling Airframe Missile
2 x torpedo tube set for lightweight torpedo Mk46
4 x MASS decoy launcher

Crew and Others:
Regular crew: 214 soldiers
Additional personnel (for on-board helicopters): 18 soldiers
2 x dinghy model Boomeranger
2 x Sea Lynx Mk88A onboard helicopters (onboard for mission only)

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